UPDATE July 8 - Covid19

Dear travellers,

All of us have been through some challenging months, however the positive news from the past weeks allow us to be optimistic and to start planning for the holidays. With the information we have today (July 8, 2020) we want to inform on how we are planning the summer at Hotel Carmen:

- We have been open since June 22

- Protocols at Hotel Carmen and in Roses are in place for your safety, but they allow for an almost normal stay. Among them, the use of a mask (exceptions: at the beach; while praticing sports; and at bars and restaurants)

- The land border with France is open and functioning normally (without the need for quarantines, etc.)

- In Europe there are news of a few cities or regions being confined (now one 300km from Roses as well), this is our new normality to control the virus from spreading. We will be watching their evolution closely but as long as our region is safe we will keep operating. Should a problem situation appear here we would immediately contact our guests to change their travel arrangements.

- We work with flexible cancellation policies for this summer (there will be no non-refundable rates)

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want any other information

We look forward to being able to receive you this summer and provide you with well deserved holidays. There will be protocols, but there will be as well sun, sea, fun, walks, swims, great food, drinks, sunsets, love...

Rudi Rom, family & team

HOTEL CARMEN, Roses, Cap de Creus - Costa Brava