Dear travellers,

All of us have been through some tough weeks, and what lies ahead has still a degree of uncertainty, however with the information we have today (May 15, 2020) we want to inform on how we are planning this summer:

- If the government considers it safe, we will open on June 19

- Roses and its region have largely been spared by the virus

- We understand that even if considered safe, there will be a bit of risk

- This risk will be minimized through government backed protocols

- Roses as a destination is working on implementing these protocols

- Hotels, restaurants, shops, activities and even its citizens are collaborating on making the town as safe as possible

- All reservations will have the possibility to be cancelled free of charge on short notice

We look forward to being able to receive you this summer and provide you with well deserved holidays. There will be protocols, but there will be as well sun, sea, fun, walks, swims, great food, drinks, sunsets, love...

Rudi Rom, family & team