The challenge of our times...  our contribution is an ongoing effort to improve day by day our practices, being ahead of government standards and encouring our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to act.

At Hotel Carmen our ongoing efforts have led us to the following practices, which we hope to be able to keep increasing:


  1. Solar panels
  2. Structural insulation that optimizes energy use
  3. Last generation boiler for better management of hot water
  4. Intelligent air conditioning system
  5. Energy saving bulbs
  6. Installation of showers in over 90% of our rooms


  1. Increased use of locally sourced foods (Km0)
  2. Eco-friendly utensils such as biodegradable straws or cups
  3. Bulk buying of certain products like sugar (avoiding individual plastic packaging). Some exceptions to this happening during Covid19 due to new protocols.
  4. Waste management through recycling (glass, paper, oils, plastic)
  5. Bio waste: we hope our local government gives us soon the means to it. Update: for 2021 this service will go live in Roses.
  6. Use of vinegar and lemon in some of our cleaning practices
  7. Our amenities 'Algotherm' have the European Seal for Sustainability
  8. Encouraging guests to keep towels for an extra day, which many are doing!
  9. Since 2020 we are buying all our electricity to companies that use 100% renevable energies


  1. Hotel Carmen is completely adapted for people with reduced mobility. Accessible through ramps and elevators, and including some 100% fully adapted rooms
  2. All our team members are legally insured and receive schedules that allow for a better work-life balance within a safe working environment (which often exceeds government standards)
  3. We promote human relationships through higher employee/customer ratios, scheduling spare time for social interactions to happen
  4. At Hotel Carmen we allocate 1% of our clients' online reservations on this site to NGOs 

We encourage our guests to keep sending us feedback on our services as well as on our sustainable pratices in order to keep improving. All of the above end up being win-wins for everyone. 

GREEN ROSES Certification

Born with the aim to guide and encourage local businesses into adopting sustainable practices.

Something difficult to achieve through larger global certifications due to their high costs, which are impossible to finance for businesses challenged by a constraining seasonality.

Green Roses asks first and foremost to comply with current government standards. It then requests an attitude of continuous improvement focusing first on 'high impact - small investment' actions, followed by other steps that take medium to long term planning.